Meet The Author Event – Holmes Public Library – Halifax, MA

Over the weekend, I held my first ever “Meet the Author” event at the Holmes Public Library in Halifax, MA. It marked the start of promotion for my psychological horror novel, PAINLESS. I wasn’t sure what kind of turnout to expect, but I certainly did not expect to have an audience of over 20!


While it was mostly friends and family, there were also a good number of people who knew nothing about me or the book and attended anyway. Since most of the attendees had not yet read the book, the discussion centered around a quick description of the story and why I wrote it.

I was happy to find that everyone was eager to ask interesting questions. I’ll detail a few highlights below. I don’t have the exact quotes but these were some topics that stuck out to me.

Q: “What was your character’s motivation?” (Referring to Dr. Menta, the mad scientist of a doctor).  Answer: I don’t like to explain too much, especially about a character that has questionable morals and motives (to put it nicely). But the prologue gives some clues.

Q: “Was this a one-off project or am I now interested in continuing to write more?” Answer: Definitely not a one-off project. I’m working on an outline of a story that would end up being a series of three books.

Q: “Do you write about local towns, areas, etc… People seem to enjoy reading about locations they know.” Answer: In general, yes. All my future ideas are going to be set in a fictional version of a town like Plympton and Halifax. The location of PAINLESS is purposely never mentioned, so it could be anywhere.

Q: “What were your influences?” Answer: I am much more influenced by films. Hitchcock, David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick to name a few. PAINLESS would be very much along the lines of a David Cronenberg “body horror” film. As far as writing I can really only name Stephen King and Harlen Coben (which I FORGOT to mention at the event!) as at least inspiration, if not an influence. With this being my first novel, I don’t know if I’ve defined a style enough to name any influences for style.

PAINLESS now available on Paperback, Kindle, and Goodreads!

Paperback and Kindle

I am happy to announce that PAINLESS is now available on both paperback and Kindle, through Amazon!

Once a book is listed, the author also gets to claim an author page and link to all their books.

Pretty cool!


I found out that as soon as a book is available on Kindle, it can show up in Goodreads. (Actually it took a day or two, but pretty quick!)

If you don’t know about Goodreads, it is a site for book lovers to track what they are reading, what they want to read, and write reviews of books once they are done.

The book gets a page where you can see everyone who has read or reviewed it within Goodreads.

And, like Amazon, you get an author page:

It lets you add a bio, some pictures, answer some “Ask The Author” questions, and Goodreads users can follow you as an author. You might notice in the shot, I have a whole 3 followers! (Okay, one of them is me).

The end of the beginning…

This is at least the 5th relaunching of my web presence. I’m not talking just redesigns of the different sites I’ve had over the years (which were aplenty). I’m talking total rethinking and redoing and rebranding and rewebonizing.

The last couple years have ushered in many changes for me; personally, professionally, and creatively.

So it is time. Time to start anew.

Time to end the beginning of things and start to begin again.