To start, there is only one. So the plural form of “projects” is a bit exaggerated.

For now.

That will change shortly…


It won’t hurt anymore. Dr. Dante Menta has spent his life perfecting a surgical procedure that will live up to that promise— a cure for all physical pain. At a remote clinical trial, he offers patients an end to their chronic suffering.

The last to arrive is Greg Owens, suffering from a lingering back injury, hoping for an end to his pain and the reliance on painkillers. While he is awaiting his turn, the other patients go through the procedure. They don’t hurt anymore. But they also begin to act strangely, exhibiting obsessive and self-destructive behavior. When the patients start dying, the survivors confront the doctor — some want answers; some need medical attention; others want violence and revenge. Dr. Menta is ready for them, prepared to defend his life’s work, his life’s obsession.

Greg is caught in the middle of them all — his back aching, his hopes for a cure disappearing. With the madness spiraling around him, Greg is forced to face a doctor determined not to let him escape and a past that refuses to let him move forward.


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